Pancake Tuesday – 5th of March

Pancake Tuesday is a wonderful excuse to introduce kids to the kitchen. Super easy and delicious pancakes are the ideal starter dish for little ones as they can feel like a proper chef, cracking eggs and measuring the flour. Plus the best bit is that they don’t have to wait around long as they can taste their fresh homemade pancakes within a few minutes!

In general, the classic recipe for pancakes has four simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen most days and with our Pancake Maker, the method is super easy and perfect for the kids.

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Ava carefully cracking the eggs like a pro!


100g plain flour

1 egg

300 ml milk

1 tbsp melted butter or sunflower oil


Add all your ingredients in the Pancake Maker, secure the lid and shake for 20- 30 seconds until the lumps are gone.

Heat your pan with a little butter or oil and get started on making a tall stack of delicious pancakes!

Ava adding the sugar

This pancake maker is the ideal addition to any kitchen. From children to teens and adults, the whole family will find this simple piece of kit very useful and it takes up very little kitchen space.


While you are cooking the pancakes, the kids can wash and prep their favourite toppings and set the table! Preparing the toppings is definitely one of the best things for kids and they can try a different topping for every pancake.

A firm favourite is always Nutella with a few strawberries but it’s hard to beat the classic lemon and sugar combination!

Toppings of lemon, raspberry and blueberries

Here is a list of our favourite toppings at M&B HQ:

  • Sweet:

  • Greek yoghurt + strawberries + toasted almonds + drizzle of honey
  • Blueberries + raspberries + lemon + honey
  • Nutella + banana
  • Blueberry + maple syrup
  • Savoury:

  • Ham + tomato + mushroom with a sprinkle of cheese
  • Avocado + Bacon
  • Smoked Salmon + Crème Fraîche
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We would like to say a big thank you to Ava & Louis for being our pancake chefs! and as always we would love to see your recipes so tag us on Instagram @meadowsandbyre or Facebook @meadowsandbyrneireland


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