A Chat with…Claire Brett, Founder of Dublin Herbalists

When it comes to skincare, choosing natural, local products is certainly a great choice both your skin health and the environment. Leading the way in natural beauty in Ireland is Claire Brett, founder of Dublin Herbalists. Created in Ireland in 2012, Dubin Herbalist’s skincare range is built to suit a variety of skin types in a modern, busy world.

We are delighted that Claire, took a little time out of her busy schedule as a businesswoman and mother to have a chat with us about her beautiful products.

Q. What inspired you to create your first skincare product?

Definitely my desire to use safe, clean skincare on myself and my family. To know exactly what I am putting on my skin.

  1. Q. Where does your passion for natural skin care treatments and remedies come from?

Looking back, I can see how my childhood had such a strong influence on the Dublin Herbalists of today. Growing up in rural Kildare, we had a huge garden and were surrounded by farmland. My father was a Geologist and a landscape gardening enthusiast, so our gardens were packed full of wonders and he taught me all about plants. We spent most of our time outside. I learned about orchards, herbs, vegetable and strawberry patches, raspberry vines, chestnut trees, bushes and hedges and flowers, and nature became second nature to me. We also didn’t go to the doctor unless we were really sick. We ate healthily and had little access to sugary foods or drinks, and my mother gave us cod liver oil and herbal iron to keep us strong. Whether she was aware of it or not at the time, her approach to life has always been very naturopathic. It’s really clear to me now how my passion for natural skin care products that are friendly to plants and animals was inspired.

  1. Q. A key message for Dublin Herbalists is having “confidence in nature’s know-how” – do you think that there is a trend towards more natural products and cutting back on synthetics?

Absolutely! People are much more aware nowadays of what they are putting in their bodies and on their skin, and the effect that different foods and beauty products have on them.

  1. Q. What are the benefits of opting for more natural skincare products?

There is a reduction in the toxic load on the body when choosing natural skincare products, less hormone disruption and less of a chance of reactions and inflammation. Natural skincare is better for the environment- think of all chemicals washed down the drains in our sinks and showers around the world!

  1. Q. At the moment, what products are in your own make-up bag?

I have a very simple routine, I use Dublin Herbalists Everyday Cleansing Gel to clean my face morning and night, and then either the Regenerating Face Cream or the Protective face Balm to moisturise.

I hardly wear make-up but when I do, I use Dr. Haushka.


  1. Q. What advice can you give someone looking to improve their skincare regime?

Give Dublin Herbalists a try!

The key is consistency- cleansing and moisturising twice daily.

Start with our Everyday Cleansing Gel for a gentle yet effective clean. This will take off light to medium make-up. Then the Refreshing Facial Toner which acts as a shield for your pores and helps to brighten tired skin.

Finally one of our Face creams (the Regenerating if you are over 30, the Revitalising if your skin is sensitive and the Rejuvenating if you are just starting out with skincare products).

If your skin needs some extra moisturising, try our Hydrating Face Serum on its own at night or with one of the face creams.

Remember however that beauty truly comes from within and a healthy diet with plenty of water is key!

  1. Q. One of your latest new products is the New Baby Collection Gift Set – can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind this particular set?

Having a baby is such a special time, and people want to spoil the new parents but are flummoxed as to what to get them that is original and also functional for a good period of time.

We think we have solved the dilemma! Our New Baby Collection gift set includes 2 gorgeous products for the baby- a Baby Oil and a Baby Balm- and a Mango Body Butter for an older sibling or mom and dad. Everything is completely safe for babies skin, and the rest of the family will love the Mango Body Butter.

The box is beautifully illustrated so no need for extra wrapping, and there is space to write a little note, so no need to buy an extra card.

Gift = sorted!

  1. Q. What is the next step for Dublin Herbalists?

We are expanding our head office and manufacturing space in South Tipperary to fulfil bigger orders. We are also bringing out an Eye Cream in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks again to Claire for taking the time to chat with us. You can browse the Dublin Herbalists products available at M&B in-stores or online!

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