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January has arrived and we all know what that means, budgets, diets, resolutions and promises to ourselves. Some of them we’ll keep and some we’ll forget within the first two weeks… but one thing we can all do that will last longer than the spur of the moment gym membership is a really good spring clean. A little time spent on this now will have you reaping the rewards all year long! We’ve put together this guide to help you get the most from your spring clean.

I think the place to start is the kitchen. A clean and organised kitchen is a great place to start as for most people, this is the room that sees the most traffic. For me, it is the room in the house that is easiest to mess up. That’s why a few quick organisational changes and a really good spring clean of your kitchen is a good place to start.

Getting Started

  • Pick a time when you won’t be interrupted. There is nothing worse than starting a job like this and someone calling you, leaving you with a half finished kitchen and a lot of mess! So block off a weekend when you have no plans and devote the day to getting that kitchen sparkling.
  • Gather your tools and equipment. All your products, cloths etc… put them in a basket and keep them close to hand. The key is to avoid stopping halfway through because you are more likely to lose your enthusiasm for the project. This could result in a half-finished job.
  • Get a playlist going, fire up the wireless speaker and set up a really good playlist. Nothing will make the time fly by faster than your favourite tunes.

  • Organise first, clean second

  • Personally, I find it easier to organise everything first and then clean it all down. There is no point having pristine counter-tops and then deciding to tackle that drawer that we all have… You know the one, takeaway menus, odd lunchboxes with no lids, inexplicable odds and ends…So do the declutter first, it’s the approach I took to studying for exams, start with the worst subject first!
  • Once that is out of the way, you can move on to the rest. Marie Kondo those drawers! Be ruthless, do you really need every single thing that you have stashed in those kitchen drawers? Kitchens are notorious for creating and capturing clutter. So if you haven’t made pastry since the GBBO switched TV channels, then it’s safe to say you can probably live without 3 different kinds of pastry brush!
  • Something we have done is placed these baskets on top of our kitchen cabinets and the extra bits go in there, for example, the tins I use to bake the Christmas Cake. If you don’t have space on top of your cabinets, consider an area of your attic or utility room (if you have one) for these types of rarely used items. Then, if they haven’t been needed or used in a year, you can safely get rid the following year!

Clean as you go

  • You’ve decluttered and organised all those drawers and are feeling pretty happy with yourself. Next step is a really thorough clean and like with decluttering, you need to be strategic here too. No point washing the floor and then realising you haven’t cleaned the blinds, cue dust all over your newly polished floors! So start from the top and move down.
  • While you are in the process of cleaning your kitchen top to bottom, why not take this opportunity to do a deep clean of all your kitchen cloths. Put all the teatowels, dishcloths and any other items like this on a 90-degree wash. Never use fabric softener on these items either as it ruins them. You can then be safe in the knowledge that you are going to be cleaning your newly pristine kitchen with equally pristine cloths!

Keep it up

  1. So how do you keep your kitchen looking spring clean fresh all year long?
  2. 1. Keep the organisation going, the sink is the first place to get messy so invest in a practical item such as this Joseph Joseph Sink Organiser. You’ll be able to contain the clutter and avoid the mess returning to haunt you.
  3. 2. Invest in some decent storage containers to make sure that the food cupboard stays as neat and tidy as you have left it. The OXO Pop range is a very good option. It all stacks and you can see at a glance what you have.
  4. 3. Every evening, declutter your kitchen countertops. Take those 5 minutes to put away that towel or place that last mug in the dishwasher. You will thank yourself in the morning when you wake up to a clean kitchen. It really will start off your day on the right note.
  • Cleaning Hacks

Here are three top tips from M&B HQ that you may not have heard of:

  1. – Struggling to clean the last stubborn gunk from the shelves in your oven. Try rubbing them with dryer sheets, it works!

  2. – Do you have Venetian Blinds and drive yourself mad trying to clean them? Combine equal parts vinegar and water. Put an old sock on your hand, run it over the slats and you’ll have clean blinds in no time.

  3. – Sanitize your kitchen sponges in the microwave. Simply pop the damp sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes and remove while still warm. Quick and simple and means your sponges aren’t spreading bacteria from one side to the other.

Clean but green

  • We do try to be mindful of the environment here at Meadows and Byrne, so here are a few points to remember:
  • 1. There are a million uses for vinegar in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning. Use it to steam clean your microwave, add a shine to your glasses, mix it with baking soda to clean your kitchen sink. Vinegar is so versatile so never be without it if you are trying to move your cleaning routine to greener options.
  • 2. Lemon is another wonderful all-purpose green option. I like to sprinkle my cutting boards with salt and then rub over with half a lemon. Leave it for 5 minutes and wipe off. You’ll be left with squeaky clean surfaces and a lovely smell of lemon to freshen the air.
  • 3. If you like the comfort of a purpose bought cleaner, why not try an eco brand. We stock Aussie brand All Natural and these are effective, smell gorgeous and get the job done!

There you have it, some simple easy to follow tips and tricks to clean that most important of areas, the kitchen.



More about Julie

I'm Julie and I have been the Kitchen and Dining Buyer at Meadows and Byrne for over 2 years now. What inspired me to work for M&B and this department in particular? That's easy, a real passion for eating; to eat you must cook and to cook you must have a well stocked kitchen! So a passion has become a career and I have discovered gadgets that I never knew I needed as well as an unnatural enthusiasm for plates! Sustainability and the environment is also something I have a real interest in and I try to always search out the newest Eco-Friendly kitchen solutions. I do believe that a functional kitchen can have a green element in it which I try to promote.

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