Green Your Life – Simple Steps to live more Eco-friendly

Nobody likes waste, whether it’s wasting money, wasting time or wasting energy. One of the biggest topics of conversation at the moment is waste, creation of it, disposal of it and wasting resources. So we have pulled together some quick and simple tips to help you avoid waste. Small changes are sometimes all it take to make a positive change for the environment. Others require a little more work, but the effort is worth it both for your wallet and the planet.

  1. Cut down on your food waste

  2. We’ve all been there, Sunday starts with great intentions, you raid the fruit and veg aisle in the local supermarket and swear you mean it. Fast forward to Friday evening and there is an array of half-eaten veg decorating your fridge. Food waste is not only bad for your pocket, it’s bad for the environment. In order to cut down on food waste, we recommend buying as much of your fruit and veg as possible loose. This saves on that pesky plastic wrapping, but it also allows you to buy just what you need. Only buy what you need to save money and wastage. It’s not always that simple though and you will sometimes find yourself with a few half used bits and pieces. Don’t throw them away, embrace these Food Huggers. The set of four is great for covering fruit, vegetables, jars, open cans, and other small containers meaningless waste, and a neat and tidy fridge.
  3. Ditch the single use

Why not enjoy your coffee the planet-friendly way with a stylish coffee cup! Coffee tastes much better when it’s served hot and from a real mug, I think you’ll agree. But what happens when you are out on the run and can’t bring out the favourite china? Make a more ‘conscious’ cup of coffee by getting yourself a lovely travel mug to fill and refill. This will allow you to save on the disposable cup, avoid the nasty plastic taste those can have and bonus points for style. The M&B HQ fave is the Corkcicle Tumber, triple insulated so your drinks stay hot for three hours. Simply fill, drink, wash and repeat and enjoy your coffee with no regrets.


  1. Bottled water

Staying hydrated is always a good idea. Our bodies and brains just function so much better when we keep on top of the H2O intake! But again we are faced with the single-use plastic conundrum. Why not invest in a nice water bottle, not only will you be cutting out the plastic but you’ll be looking good doing it! The Corkcicle range are super stylish and will keep your water ice cold for hours, no more warm water in the afternoon. Fancy showing off a little Irish design while you sip your cold drink, then look no further than the Orla Kiely Travel Mug. This stylish thermos is the perfect double-duty piece as it is also insulated to keep your coffee warm and your water cool. Added bonus, you’ll be so proud of your water bottle you’ll be encouraged to drink more and that’s always good!

  1. Travel Mug
    Orla Kiely Travel Mug


  1. Give the plastic wrap a skip

So you’ve made the decision to start bringing your own sandwich to work. It’s healthier, more economical and exactly what you want, nothing more and nothing less. Now you’re faced with the problem of what to wrap it in. You could invest in a lunchbox, but then you turn up to work and your carefully curated gastronomical masterpiece is now a soggy mess. You could wrap it in plastic wrap, but its single use plastic is not going to win you any brownie points with Sir David Attenborough! Why not try Beeswrap, made from organic cotton and beeswax, this is the eco-friendly and durable answer. Simply build your sandwich, fold in the corners and wrap string around the wooden bee button. It can also be used as a placemat so you can enjoy your sandwich al fresco without the wash up. Clean up is simple and you can reuse this time and time again.

  1. Clean up your act

We all love a clean house, there is nothing more satisfying than a shiny countertop and that just washed scent. That doesn’t always have to mean harsh abrasive chemicals, baking soda and vinegar are two of the simplest and planet friendly cleaners out there. What if you don’t have the time or the energy to get mixing and making your own? Fear not, we have done the leg work for you and have sourced a gorgeous eco-friendly range of cleaners that are made from all natural plant-based ingredients and fragranced with pure essential oils to take the hassle out of cleaning. Just as effective as your typical kitchen cleaners, but without the nasties like ammonia which are not good for our water supplies.

We got so carried away brainstorming here that we decided to include a bonus tip for you all!

Sustainable gifting

If you are searching for a gift or a special piece for your own home why not consider shopping a little closer to home. A brand that we are proud to support and stock is Caulfields Boards. All boards are designed and made in Carnaross, Co. Meath, Ireland from beautiful, sustainably sourced hardwoods, which include ash, beech, elm and walnut. The set of coasters is very environmentally friendly using offcuts to make these gorgeous striped items. So not only functional and beautiful but Irish made with the planet at heart. What’s not to love about that!


So there you go, 5 quick and relatively painless changes you can make that won’t impact your day to day too much but which could have a real positive effect on the environment. Why not try one or two today and let us know how you get on.

What’s your top tip for taking better care of our planet, we’d love to hear it!


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