Turkey Toolbox – the ultimate gadget list

Nothing seems more daunting than the task of cooking Christmas Dinner, but with our Turkey Toolbox you’ll be all set. This is the ultimate list of tools and gadgets that you need to make sure that bird comes out juicy and tender and on time!

Oven Prep

One of the most important things when it comes to cooking the turkey is oven temperature. Because poultry needs careful cooking in order to ensure it is safely cooked, we would always recommend an oven thermometer. Ovens can often be off by some degrees, so pop this Jamie Oliver Oven Thermometer in as the oven is preheating. Then you can be sure that it is perfect.

Roasting Pan

You will need to ensure that you have a roasting pan that is big enough to take your turkey. We have a large selection in store with something to fit every oven and every bird.

To Baste or Not to Baste?

Some people use oven bags, some people cover with tin foil and hope for the best, but here at M&B HQ we are basters. There is nothing like a golden brown glossy turkey that is beautifully juicy and basting is the best way to achieve that. A favourite gadget here is the Joseph Joseph Flavour Bud. This allows you to inject the juices back into the meat, so not dry turkey at your Christmas feast!

Is it Cooked?

The traditional way to test if the turkey or any poultry is cooked is to see if the juices at the thigh bone run clear. However, if you want to be doubly sure there is no harm in checking it out with a digital probe thermometer. Just make sure to test the meatiest part of the thigh This is a part of the turkey that cooks the slowest and is also one of the thickest. If it’s at the right temperature, you can be sure the rest of the turkey has also finished cooking. 75 Celsius is the temperature you are looking for.

It’s Go Time!

The turkey is perfectly basted and cooked and it’s time to take it from oven to table. To make sure there are no accidents and that beautiful bird doesn’t end up on the floor, use lifting forks. These are such a simple gadget but one that just makes it easy to transfer to your serving platter.


Leave the turkey to rest, a step you should never skip as it results in even juicer meat. The meat will continue to cook so no need to worry about it getting cold. This will allow you time to finish the trimmings and make some delicious gravy using the meat juices. The OXO Gravy Fat Separator makes this job super easy. Just watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom. Perfect every time!


Finally, the table is set, guests are seated and the hero of the hour is about to be served. Make sure you have a good carving situation ready, the Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve includes all the pieces you need to carve the perfect slice. If you already have a board, the traditional two-piece carving set is a good alternative.

There you have it, all the tools you need to bring that bird to the table and wow your guests!



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