Christmas At Your Doorstep

As the Meadows & Byrne seasonal buyer, you would think that as I am immersed in Christmas for much of the year, by the time it comes around I would be worn out from it. not true! I love Christmas and all the festive cheer, sparkle and warmth it brings with it.

In this blog, I am going to focus on a few tips for bringing Christmas to your doorstep and into your hallway. After all, this will be the first thing your family and friends will see when they pop over for a visit over the festive period.


  1. Firstly, select your wreath – our Red Berry and Pine Wreath is a wonderful choice and is available in stores and online. When selecting the perfect wreath for your front door, you should take into account the colour of your door and the colour scheme of the exterior of your house. Here I have chosen a classic red berry and twig garland as the setting has a traditional style, but our Blue Berry Wreath works beautifully with a contemporary robin egg colour door (scroll to the end of this post to see a fabulous example of this from our Aoife 👌 😍).
  2. For this look, I have added a ribbon to hang the wreath and to add extra colour. I have selected the Scraffiti ribbon (available in stores). This is a wired ribbon which makes it easier to manipulate to the desired shape you are after. I have also added two lanterns (The French Lantern Collection) to the doorstep to provide a warm ambience and welcome. The two lanterns I have selected are from our French lantern range (available in all stores and online). The two different heights work well here, with the tallest on the outside. I have selected some flameless candles (available in all stores and online) but you can choose real wax candles if you prefer.
  3. We have a wonderful range of doorstoppers available in store and online also if you wish to have your door open upon the arrival of your guests.
Classic Christmas


  1. Select your garland – to continue the theme for the hallway I have selected the snowberry garland (available in all stores and online). You will need two to three garlands depending on your stairs and how far up the stairs you wish to go. The garlands are wired which makes them easy to twist around the bannister and through the balustrades.
Classic Christmas at M&B
  1. On this occasion, I have added in some battery operated lights to add some atmosphere to the garland. I have selected the art deco light garland (available in all stores).
  2. Finally, if space allows in your hallway, you can also add a small lantern for a bit more warmth. I have selected the roman lantern (available in all stores and online). Again, I have used a flameless candle but you can you any candle you wish.
Classic Snowberry Garland

We would love to see what Christmas at your doorstep looks like – Tag us @meadowsandbyrne on Instagram or @meadowsandbyrneireland on Facebook 💖 🎄🌟


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