A Chat with Ceramicist Charlie Mahon

  1. For a small island, Ireland boasts a striking number of talented artists, designers and makers. Cork-based Ceramicist Charlie Mahon is among this wonderful group of craftspeople making Ireland stand out in the world of craft and design at a global level.
  2.  At M&B we are proud to carry The Charlie Mahon collection in-stores and caught up with him lately to learn more about the passion and inspiration behind these beautiful pieces.
  3. Q. Where did your love of ceramics come from?

My love of ceramics probably came from my grandmother’s dresser which my mother inherited from her first husband.  It was filled with gold filigree ceramics from the Georgian period and other items which inspired the artist in me… my mother was very talented herself and inspired a love of all things made with a person’s own hand and infused with their personality.


  1. Q. What was the first piece of pottery you ever made?

The first piece of pottery that I made was a mug with a miniature leg as a handle!   Even though it was accompanied by a really terrible glaze, I was inspired and I vowed to do better next time!!

  1. Q. Do you have a favourite piece from your current collection?

I have two favourites, one is the large circular platter,  it inspires the imagination, can be used as a piece of art and looks brilliant when used as a platter on the dining table and the other is the medium bowl because it can be used for everything from breakfast to comfort food.


  1. Q. When looking for new ideas where is your go-to place?

Everyday things, seeing something and wondering how I can interpret it in my creative output.  Cooking, I really enjoy that, also life, history, travel, art exhibitions, having ordinary everyday experiences, humour and colour…everything really!

  1. Q. Is there one piece of pottery that you just couldn’t live without in your own home?

My first sculptural teapot.   I also collect pottery from my travels and they always bring a smile to my face as it brings back happy memories.

  1. Q. What’s next for Charlie Mahon ceramics?

To keep designing, making and promoting, becoming a household name and have a wage packet to match! 


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