Behind the sofa – A Tour Of Our U.K. Sofa Factory

Sofas are one of the largest pieces of furniture you will ever buy and are a strong foundation for any sitting or living room. It is typically the first thing we think about when going through the process of designing the layout for the room and is definitely a decision most people do not take lightly. Here at Meadows & Byrne we think of a sofa as an investment piece, an item that is paramount to the quality of your downtime and because of that, we always take our sofa selection very seriously.

Many of our long-time customers will be familiar with our signature range of sofas which we have been running for many years now, as they are pieces that allow your interior style to evolve without requiring you to change your sofa. We established a strong relationship with a U.K. sofa factory to provide us with high quality, comfortable and beautiful sofas, and today we are going to show you a little snippet of my recent trip to the factory. Here you will get a glimpse of the hours of work and skill that goes into each piece from the first spring to the last stitch.

The Interior of the Sofa

To ensure the comfort of our furniture matches its good looks, the factory puts the same amount of effort into sourcing the ample range of fillings options, as they do the fabrics. They ensure all interiors used to undertake a series of industry standard tests to evaluate performance, flammability and overall suitability for use.

The frame of the sofas are made of FSC responsibly sourced timber and are machined using the most up to date technology to ensure accuracy during manufacture.

Parts of the sofas are still hand machined, and long-standing craftspeople create various parts of the frame following handmade jigs that have been in the company for decades- this is a testament to the level of expertise and accuracy these people have achieved over their lifetimes in the factory. The individual parts of the frame are then checked by highly skilled workers and hand assembled.

The Fabric of the Sofa

The team of designers works with expert worldwide suppliers to develop fabrics and have long established relationships with some of the finest mills in the world.

Most importantly, they buy only from suppliers who they know meet the quality standards you would expect from our products.

The fabric is cut using laser cutting technology and is stitched by machinists in-house. The sewing room is a sight to behold- there are seamstresses that have been working with the company for over 20 years, and this is very obvious in the quality of the sewing.

Quality and delivery

Once the individual parts are all created and organised, the sofas go to the final production line where they are finished by hand and checked by the experienced quality control team.


Finally, they are wrapped and delivered to us in Cork, and the next time they are opened is when they arrive at your home by one of our Home Delivery drivers.



More about Emma

Hi, I’m Emma and I am the furniture and soft-furnishings buyer for Meadows & Byrne. As my background is in carpentry, I am passionate about design and quality throughout the range of products I buy, and take my design influences from Scandinavian and Northern American style. I take a particular interest in the photography for the website and love to pull together a full look for a room with our latest products. I have worked within the Meadows & Byrne brand for 9 years, with the last 2 years in this role, and am truly obsessed with offering our customers products I have developed from start to finish that showcase the Meadows & Byrne aesthetic.

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