Tips to Transform Your Space with Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is fast becoming one of Ireland’s favourite rooms, with more exciting and quirky design than ever. Whether it is deep paint colours or vintage tiles, the people of Ireland are becoming more and more adventurous in their aesthetic, however, there is one problem when it comes to designing your bathroom…storage!

The bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the home, however, they require a huge amount of storage and typically bathroom storage is not beautiful. We have scoured the globe in the search of the answer and we are pretty pleased with how it has turned out. Our new range of Bamboo and grey fabric bathroom storage solutions are not only beautifully minimal and timeless but are eco-conscious, as we have opted for a degradable timber and textile choice to save use on hard plastics where possible.



Now you have the low down on the range, let’s talk specifics and how to make sure your bathroom has plenty of storage while still looking beautiful.

  1. 1. Create zones with Baskets

We love Baskets in M&B! We think they are especially effective as a means to corral similar items together so that you have all of your products to hand and in an organised fashion. Our rectangular and round storage baskets are perfect for keeping your smaller items together, for example keeping your facial routine products in the round basket and hair products in rectangular. They are a great height (around-20cm high and rectangular-16cm high) and fit neatly on open shelves to create a gorgeous high-end look. Add a potted Aloe Vera/ plant of your choice and suddenly your shelving is a thing of beauty.  We will say, as they are fabric, avoid keeping tan or makeup products in these as they will likely stain them!

  1. 2.  Add extra surface space

  2. When it comes to the layout of your bathroom, it is likely that there is the main vanity unit, a shelf in the shower and a towel rail. Once you start using the room, you will find quickly there are fewer places to keep towels and your day to day products. We have included a number of free standing and wall mounted pieces to alleviate the pressure your main vanity unit is surely under. The Alfa 3 tier bathroom organiser is so neat and is perfect for smaller bathrooms. There are 2 storage baskets which are ideal for holding your towels with a top shelf for your daily cosmetics. It is also foldable so it can be stowed away if you are moving to a new place completely hassle-free.

The Frankie three shelf unit is the next step up size wise in the range. It requires minimal assembly and is a sturdy bamboo frame with three generous shelves. This is a fantastic unit if you have the room and can hold a lot of back up towels. You can pair this with the baskets mentioned earlier and pretty much stock up your entire bathroom neatly on one unit. We recommend you use trays under liquid cosmetics on Frankie as the shelves are finished with a grey fabric and it is best to keep this dry to avoid stains.

  1. 3. Seating that does more

It is easy to forget seating in the bathroom, however, you would be surprised how helpful it is to have a neat seating solution whether it is just a spot to perch your book and towel on while taking a bath, or an area to fit in some bonus storage. Our Bamboo stool is so popular as it is lightweight, super comfy and makes your space feel like a spa – who doesn’t want that! Our Hallway stool with shoe storage can be used pretty much in any room; boot room, bedroom, bathroom, and is the perfect place to keep slippers and shoes tucked away.

  1. 4. What about the walls?

  2. Don’t forget all that unused wall space that can be stylishly converted into more storage. Our Lobster Hooks come in single and double and can be fitted to doors or walls to hang towels and robes to give you more floor and counter space. The Bamboo mirror and storage system is a smart product to keep smaller items organised with a handy vanity mirror. The unit must be mounted on a wall or door and is ideal for small day to day jewellery or another great place for your daily facial products. The Bailey leaning shoe rack is another smart product that is wall mounted and offers lots of space with a very small footprint, as each shelf folds up when it is not in use.
  1. 5. Don’t hamper your style

Finally, laundry hampers are not typically an item we can get too excited about, but we are happy to say we have sourced laundry hampers that do not only look good but make sense. Our Owlly hamper is made up of a generous grey fabric bag on a foldable bamboo frame. Because the bag is removable, it means you don’t need to bring the entire hamper to the laundry room each time- handy! Our Sundry hamper is a personal favourite because of its double compartments. You can separate your light and dark clothing before you get to the washing machine which makes the process easier- any win when it comes to laundry is a big win in my books.

The entire range is affordable, great quality and satisfyingly logical! Happy organising!


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