Crazy About Candlelight: Styling Hurricanes & Candleholders

We are all crazy about candlelight! Well, at least I know I am. It is a wonderful way to set the mood, be it entertaining friends and family at a beautifully dressed dining table or curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, your favorite album playing in the background and a pillar candle flickering away in a hurricane on the coffee table beside you. It’s all about the ambiance……

Here are two examples of how to create the perfect candlelight setting.

Dress to Impress

Votive candleholders are one of the easiest, most effective ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Dress your dining table with a number of votive candleholders to create soft ambient lighting for a dinner party.


  1. 1. Select your Candleholder – in this example, I have selected a longer votive holder (the Alvalade 5 tea light holder), but you may also choose tall taper holders for greater drama depending on the occasion.

  1. 2. Select your Candle – in this instance, I have selected the 8 hr tea light from M&B (available in all stores in packs of 50). They will burn brightly and safely throughout your dinner party. So no need to be changing candles mid meal!
  2. 3. Styling your centerpiece – on this occasion I have chosen an autumn garland with blueberries and pine to achieve the autumn look. Simply weave the garland through the votive holder, then tease it out to achieve the look.


Create a Focal Point

A well-placed hurricane candleholder can create a stunning focal point for a room. Generally, hurricanes tend to be large, having a wonderful impact in the space while making it easy to add a touch of warm candlelight to your space.

  1. 1. Select your Hurricane – Here I have selected a large glass hurricane with a bubbled effect through the glass. I love the way the light reflects through it when the candle is lit.
  2. 2. Select your Candle – I have selected an ivory pillar candle 15 x 10 cm from M&B (available in all stores).
  3. 3. Dress your Hurricane – for this centerpiece, I have decided to dress it with the Laurel Leaf Wreath from M&B (available in all stores and online). It is timeless, natural and so works for all seasons. You could, however, also dress the hurricane with some decorative stones at the base of the candle.

  1. As always we would love to see how you work candlelight into your interiors style!
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