Lucy Hagerty of Crop Candles

Who has the best nose in Ireland? The one and only Perfumer and Candlemaker Lucy Hagerty of course! At Meadows & Byrne we are proud to introduce Irish brand, Crop Candles to the family.

Created by Lucy in Co. Cork, we have fallen in love with the incredible scents featured in the collection and the ethos behind the brand. We were, of course, intrigued by the product and needed to know more about the person behind this beautiful collection.

Luckily the wonderful Lucy took the time to tell us a little more about the brand and where her passion for scents and inspiration for the brand came from.

Lucy Hagerty, Crop Candles & La Bougie
  1. We’ll start from the beginning! Where did you develop your love for fragrances? 

I had always wanted to be a Perfumer but at school was told it wouldn’t be possible as my French was so appalling!  So instead I trained as a chef in London and had a fantastic career as personal chef to Sarah, Duchess of York at the beginning of the 1990s.  It was a fun and busy time for the Royals and I loved every minute of it.  However having a young family and a husband who needed us to relocate abroad for his job meant I had to say goodbye to my cooking career.


  1. What motivated you to become a perfumer? 

I was living in the Swiss Alps with my husband and children.  My French was now quite passable and I knew that some of the finest perfumers could be found living in or around Geneva.  How to train to be a Perfumer is a closely guarded secret with perfume houses such as Givaudan taking just 5 students every couple of years.  But I wouldn’t take no for an answer and studied in Switzerland for 4 years.

  1. What was the first fragrance that you created?

Honeysuckle & Sea Salt.  I think because of my chef background the idea of scent and taste being so closely associated meant that I wasn’t afraid of combining unusual ingredients.  I am often told I invented the sea salt accord – it is now widely copied.

  1. How did you come up with the idea for Crop Candles?

I’m married to a Dairy Farmer.  He didn’t start out that way.  His previous life was as a stressed bond dealer but in 2011 we moved back to Ireland so that he could farm.  Last year the farm needed a new tractor.  So we put our heads together and CROP was born.  It became the fastest growing candle company in 2017 and 9 months later we were able to buy a shiny blue tractor.

Crop Candles
Crop Candles


  1. What is your favourite fragrance from the current Crop Candle & Diffuser collections?

Rain.  I adore the secret chocolate accord.  I think you can see how taste and smell are an important part of my perfumery.


  1. What candles & fragrances are in your own home at the moment?

Hundreds!  We are rebranding La Bougie in January and introducing 3 more fragrances.  Each new fragrance takes months of testing.  We are known for our clean burn and fragrance throw.  Therefore tweaks are made each time we test burn.  (La Bougie will be available in Meadows and Byrne from January 2019)

  1. Are you working on any new fragrances?

Yes, 3…… My family home is in Tuscany and I have a couple of Tuscan inspired fragrances coming out in January with La Bougie.  Meanwhile CROP will have a hand wash and body cream next year.  I can not tell you how beautiful RAIN is in a rich body cream………

  1. When it comes to choosing fragrances, both candles and diffusers for the home, what advice would you give?

A fragrance is so personal which is why we have such a diverse selection of fragrances from oriental to floral, citrus to woody and our salty fragrances we are so well known for.   So find a fragrance you adore and let it be your signature scent.   You just need to love it.


Crop Candles by Lucy Hagerty
Lucy’s seal of Approval on every candle and diffuser


Discover the full Crop Candles & Diffusers Collection at or pop in store.

Thanks so much to Lucy for sharing a little of the story behind Crop Candles. We’re already looking forward to the Rain body cream…. ❤️


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