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Nothing lifts a dinner party or afternoon tea better than a gorgeous tableware to show off the culinary masterpieces you have produced. Who among us doesn’t have one or two different sets for different occasions? Or is that just me… I will admit the long-suffering Mr Kitchen Buyer has often looked at me sideways when tasked with getting the spring-dinnerware out of the top press! But there is just something about tableware that I love and I especially love to change it up.

What you dress your table with can be a wonderful way to express your personality, highlight an occasion or simply show off the food. If showing off the food is your aim, then it has to be white. Keep it simple and keep the food will shine off the plate and amaze your guests. Why do you think hotels and restaurants default to white after all. But what about those times when you want to show off your good taste in tableware?? Well, today we are talking all about that! Our new collections are positively overflowing with print, pattern and pops of colour. The beauty of these colourful finishes and designs is, they can always be mixed with white to give a lift to the plainer dinnerware or simply tone down the bold pattern. You can create some really interesting looks and when paired with lovely linens and serving ware, you will have a tablescape that will constantly excite and wow your guests. I know I get a real thrill out of a beautifully set table, but again, that is the kitchen nerd coming out in me!

One of the most striking patterns anyone can add to their tableware must be a bold floral. This season we have embraced this in a big way with our Hummingbird Collection. This is a beautifully curated collection and one that we fell in love with the minute it arrived at Meadows and Byrne HQ! Gorgeous navy mixed with a beautiful pop of pink means that this is a pattern that will see you through the seasons. What I most love about this collection is the pattern has that real vintage feel but with the durability and ease of porcelain. This is one that we love for tea with friends and let me assure you, that big mug makes a very decent cup of tea!

M&B Dinnerware 2018
Hummingbird Collection

If you favour a more contemporary look or need some fun accent plates to add life and colour to your regular white ware then you need Salinger. These delightful accent plates are the perfect pop of patterned perfection which will lift any tablescape. I have also been known to use plates such as this as decor in the kitchen! They really do add such a cheery feel to any table. I would style these with a simple white napkin and a plain complimentary placemat or white charger to ensure that these are the star of the show.

Salinger Plates
Salinger Plates

If it is a full dinnerware collection for everyday use you are after then Malmo or Links are for you. We have updated the old favourite Links to be even bolder in its pattern and the Morrocan inspired mix and match pattern really embodies what we love most about the new trends in colour in dining. This is a full collection that you can be sure will wow and one that translates from casual to formal dining so easily.

If you love the Mediterranean look and blue is your colour then our brand new Malmo Collection is perfect. The classic blue and white colour palette will never go out of style and when paired with clean white dinnerware this is going to be a stunning combination!


M&B Tableware 2018
Malmo Dinnerware


White dinnerware will always be the staple in table dressing fashions, but with carefully selected pops of pattern, it is easy to really ring the changes and make sure that your table looks anything but boring! Use your accents plates, your carefully selected colourful pieces to really express your own sense of style and fun. This will keep your table looking fresh and different without too heavy an investment.

Dinnerware should be enjoyable as well as functional and the new collections here at Meadows and Byrne really encompass that.



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