Kitchen Focus

Kitchen Focus

We all know that better ingredients make better food, but it’s hard to strike the balance between sourcing fresh ingredients and getting the dinner on the table before everyone in the house gets too “hangry” (a mixture of hungry and angry!). Luckily there are a few simple ways to enhance the way we cook at home to make even better food!

Thyme To Grow Your Own

Having fresh herbs at hand in the garden or kitchen is wonderful. You just can’t beat the smell of freshly picked basil or finely chopped coriander, but the reality is that tending to herbs is often the last thing we think of after a long day. Our newest kitchen accessory the self-watering herb pot is the answer we’ve been waiting for!

This ingenious little pot has a unique self-watering function that’s designed to create an organic irrigation system. This allows steady growth of your herbs in every season. Once you have it filled with water your herbs will have enough water for up to 14-21 days. So while you’re away your much-loved herbs won’t wilt away. You can easily transfer a shop bought herb plant into the pot or grow from seed if you have green fingers.

Plus the contemporary glass design looks good enough to make a stylish centre-piece on your dining table.


If you love to have lots of herbs ready for meal times, our triple self-watering herb keeper will make a wonderful addition to your countertop.

Reduce Oils

If there’s one kitchen essentials we just can’t live without it’s a great wok! Stir-frys are a fantastic quick meal and a great way to use up all those lovely vegetables in the cupboard. However, a bad pan will make cooking harder and force you to reach for too much oil to avoid food sticking. Overuse of oil can ruin the flavours and textures of the good, wholesome ingredients you spent all that time chopping, plus it’s a little unhealthy. Invest in a good wok and it will see you through the years.


Go Fresh

One of the best changes we’ve made in the kitchen is to make our own sauces. Yes, it’s true, 9 times out of 10 we are opting to make our sauces from scratch instead of spending on pre-made from the shops! Once you make the move away from pre-made sauces and dips you’ll never look back. The taste is far better, there are far less bad ingredients like preservatives and you can tweak the recipes to suit your own tastes perfectly.

Start simply with a basic tomato sauce for a spaghetti bolognese or a basil pesto and go from there. Once you are up an running with the right utensils you will love making sauces and dips from scratch! Invest in a good pestle and mortar, a great chopping board and a mini processor to make whipping up fresh dips and sauces a breeze!

If you are a fan of Mexican food check out our go-to guacamole recipe from Julie: Quick & Delicious Guacamole Recipe

Happy Cooking!


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