Top Tips for Brunching in Style this Summer


Channel your inner Duchess or Upper East Side socialite this weekend with a little brunch. Our Manhattan collection hits just the right note for a glamourous and stylish Mimosa and Macaron themed lunch.

Think tiny sweet scones, delicious pink lemonade and sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Served up on the classy and chic plates from our brand new Manhattan collection your guests are bound to feel like they are brunching in a top London restaurant.

Setting the scene is so important, so ditch the paper napkins and invest in some crisp white napkins, your guests will appreciate the effort. There is nothing quite like a beautifully set table accented with a real napkin! Continue the monochrome theme with our black placemats, bring out the fancy silverware and you are off to a great start.

A good brunch must include some fabulous florals and a stunningly simple vase like the TALL STEM VASE (645284) from LSA filled with some gorgeous in-season blooms is going to elevate your tablescape. For added wow why not run three of the same vase down the centre of your table and fill them with white flowers. I promise this will look beautifully elegant and is sure to stun!

All that’s left to do then is add some subtle pops of colours, I like to use the food to so this. So keep a theme of sorts, today is all about subtle blush and pink accents. Pink Lemonade is no-brainer, add some Pink Prosecco to liven it up if you are really pushing the boat out! Serve those tiny scones with strawberries to continue the theme through and don’t forget the pink macarons and mini pink donuts. You have to have some savoury, so try a delicious beetroot hummus served with crackers or pink prosciutto and figs served on rye crackers. For the health conscious, try slicing up some pink watermelon, add in a lollipop stick and you have a classy, easy to eat treat.


Perhaps you don’t quite want to go all out girly and pink? Well, we have the answer for that too! Taking inspiration from our Reef Charger plates we have devised a sea themed menu for you to take your entertaining to the next level. Think gorgeous seafood chowder served in tiny espresso cups, a seafood platter to wow and marine themed cocktails that will delight.

Again, table setting is so important and we have the whole package here and layering your table is what will make your guests really stop and stare. Start with our seagrass placemats, add the stunning glass Reef Charge plate then a simple white plate such as our Amosa collection. Simply add the finishing touches with our Signature Collection Duck Egg napkin, we always recommend the real deal when it comes to napkins! (this will need to be published for the newsletter)

The food is where you will carry through the theme here, a seafood platter in the centre of the table for everyone to share from is the hero here. Why not grab a big platter and load up with an array of fresh seafood, as a nation surrounded by the sea we really do have the best of produce to pick from. Smoked salmon layered on brown bread, big Dublin Bay Prawns, crab salad served in Cos lettuce cups, breaded calamari with a chunky tartar sauce; these are just some ideas of very simple things you can throw together that will look stunning served family style. Put the filled platter on our Reclaimed Wood Lazy Susan to really make it easy for people to dive in for seconds.

You can never go wrong with a simple classic of bagels topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon, but if you really want to wow, why not swap the smoked salmon for lobster and avocado for a really indulgent treat! Speaking of indulgent, you are probably going to need a little sweet relief after all of this seafood, so we would suggest a nice light fruit salad to finish. Again, serve this family style. Let people help themselves to as much or as little as they want. Use fresh and light fruits like melon, summer berries and pineapple chunks, garnish with mint and serve.

What is brunch without a little tipple? If you wish to carry through the theme into the drinks menu but want to avoid going overboard here are some suggestions. There is the classic Sea Breeze which is simply Vodka, Cranberry and Grapefruit juice mixed. Serve in a pitcher (artisan pitcher) with lots of ice. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser and doesn’t involve anything that’s too difficult to source. Something I like to do is make a simple citrus based cocktail and coat the rim of the glass in crushed sea salt and bring the theme through in that very subtle manner. A Salty Dog is perfect for this and is just Gin, Grapefruit Juice mixed and Grapefruit to Garnish. If none of these tickle your fancy why not try a deliciously refreshing Mojito made in a few simple steps with our Mojito Set.



So there you have it, two completely different themed brunches, both totally different in their approach. The key is to keep it as simple as possible with just enough of the added extras to wow. Nothing we have done here is too fussy or overdone and that is what keeps your entertaining natural. This is especially important if you are going with a theme as we have here. Try to avoid being slavish to the theme, or you risk ruining the elegance of the occasion. The main thing is, serve good food on beautiful tableware, dress your table well and relax. Your guests will have a good time if you are, so enjoy!


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