Simple Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

Picking the perfect rug for your room can be an intimidating task, but as more and more people are opting for timber flooring in their living areas, they are becoming increasingly important to soften a room.

Here at Meadows and Byrne, we have a few easy steps to follow, to make the task a little less daunting and arm you with some starting points.


  • Size Up Your Space 
  • Measure the size of the seating area before you go shopping and aim for rug closest in size to that. If you have a corner sofa, consider where you will need the rug to cover, in comparison to a room with 2 separate sofas. It can even be helpful to mark out the area by laying down newspaper to get a good idea of where you will need your rug to cover.



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  1. Layering Rugs
  2. Layer rugs- if you already have a rug that you love, but it is too small for the area, you can layer this over a simple Jute rug to ensure you have the space covered, but still get the personality of the smaller rug. We carry Jute rugs from size 140x200cm (€159.00) up to 2×3 Metres (€349.00) in store which make an excellent base for any room.


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  • Bedroom Rugs
  • Bedroom rugs- as with living areas, timber flooring is increasingly popular in bedrooms, so lots of people are now opting for a rug under their bed to add some cushion under that first step in the morning. For this, there are really two options; you can run a full sized rug (140x200cm) under your bed and have this peeking out either side, or you can go for more a runner style rug and have this at either side of the bed. A favorite in the Meadows and Byrne team is to opt for the Double Sheepskin rug on either side of the bed for the most luxurious start to the day (€169.95)


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  • Compliment your Sofa & Coffee Table
  • Have your sofa colour and coffee table in mind when shopping- this can be very important, as without this it can be difficult to settle on the right rug for you. Your rug should lift and enhance your room, and can be a great way to show your personality. For this Summer, we here at Meadows and Byrne have a range of rugs that have been curated to work with a range of sofas. Our Shoreline Rug is woven from recycled leather and is a subtle Sky blue and brow palette, reminiscent of the Irish coastline. This works very well with a light grey or soft beige sofa, has plenty of character and is very durable while managing to be soft to walk on. It comes in three sizes and starts at €59.95.


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  1. Pair with Soft Furnishings & Colour Tones
  2. Work your soft furnishings in with your rug or vice versa- if you have curtains already bought, and are sure you will never part with, work your rug in with this. They absolutely do not need to match, but they should tone together, or fit within an over all plan for the room and compliment each other. After this, you can layer in your cushions and throws to enhance any accent colours, to add depth and to let your personality shine through in your room.
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