The Perfect Dinner Party Table Setting

At a dinner party the dining table is the pièce de résistance so you want the table to look spectacular, creative, inviting and charming. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, as Meadows & Byrne are here to help. We will reveal all you need to know about setting the perfect table and show you everything you need to do so. When it comes to setting the table think of it as a work of art. Imagine blooming fresh flowers, shining ware, beautiful cloth napkins and glimmering glasses. You don’t have to be too formal in your setting, have some fun with it. Why not try a few trendy tricks like serving drinks in jars, bundling cutlery in ribbons or adding fairy lights to the centrepiece. This is guaranteed to wow your guests and start conversations around the table.


The serveware used at a dinner party should complement the food being served. Some table settings use plain ware, which emphasises the décor on the table. Other tables use colourful ware that mirrors the dining table aesthetic. It depends on your own personality and preference, there is no right or wrong. If you like plain ware you will love our Nina dinnerware collection. If you’re more drawn to colours and patterns you will adore our Ethnic plate collection.

nina-dinner-wear-blogNina Dinnerware Collection from €19.80


ethnic-plateEthnic Plate Collection from €47.70


There must be one glass for each drink for you’re guests at a dinner party; A water glass, a white wine glass, a red wine glass, a champagne flute and an all purpose glass. Depending on your theme, you can opt for traditional clear glasses, coloured glasses or even something different like jars to use at your dinner party. For colour try our Blue Bubble tumblers.


bubble-tumblerBlue Bubble Tumblers €19.80

Table Linens

Not sure whether to go with a tablecloth or a runner? Tablecloths are more formal, they serve well for special occasions like christenings, retirements, Christmas etc, and runners are more casual.  If you’re having a dinner party for a birthday or if you’re just inviting a few friends around a runner is a good option. Our Madrass stripe runner is perfect for this. Napkins are also a key feature on any table setting. Again, you can go plain or colourful with these depending on your theme. We love our new Citrus pop napkins, ideal for adding a splash of colour to the table.

mb-meadows-and-byrne-march-2017-098Madrass Stripe Runner Sky €19.95

citrus-napkinCitrus Pop Napkin – Grapefruit, Set of 4 €14.95

The Décor

Along with all the serveware that you have on the dining table you will also have a centrepiece and other decorative bits to make it look extraordinary.  Think about all the classics; candles, flowers, lights, vases, and jars, but try using some alternative décor as well like fruit, shells or wild foliage. For candles, our new Tori candlesticks would work well with any theme.



The Tori Candlestick Collection from €27.95

silver-vaseThe Olympia Silver Rounded Vase Collection from €39.95

With these tips we know you will amaze your guests and have a wonderful dinner party.


The Meadows & Byrne team X

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