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Goodbye Dreary January and Hello Hygge!


New year, new resolutions! This year we’re not falling down the typical trap of an unrealistically strict January, just to drop all the kale and Pilates come February. Instead we are taking a more holistic approach to living well; we are embracing Hygge!

2017 is the year of Hygge; a Danish term which has no exact English translation, but can be described as the concept of coziness. It is a feeling created during the moments where you are at your comfiest, whether with family, friends or alone, enjoying the simple things.

Sitting fireside, with a good book, a chunky knit throw, a mug of tea in your hand and your favourite scented candle adding to the warm glow; this is the epitome of the Hygge life.

If adding Hygge into your home sounds like a resolution you can buy into, we have some tips to help you get started.


  1. Invest in a generous mug

Jumbo Mug

Whether you are with friends, or solo hyggeing, you need to have mugs at the ready and we don’t mean any old tea cup. The Jumbo Mug can be bought in a set of 6 online, or can be bought individually in store. The jumbo mug is our mug of choice for a serious cup of tea.


  1. Scent the scene

Rathbornes Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme Candle

There is not always time to build a fire, so add a luxurious home fragrance to create warmth and atmosphere. Rathbornes’ Wild Mint, Watercress and Thyme range is made for moments like this, and comes in a diffuser or choice of 3 candle sizes.


  1. Layer up

Hygge Style Throws, Bolsters & Stool


A good quality blanket is a necessity for cosy downtime. For us, the hand-knitted throw looks and feels like the perfect choice. In a subtle range of grey, off-white and old pink, these throws are a tasteful nod to Scandinavian interior design and are a great way to add texture to an armchair, sofa or bed. Pair this with our hand-knit bolsters and add a Nordic Pup stool to complete the look.

Embrace the Hygge here! >> 

Armed with these tips, you should be all set to embrace the Hygge lifestyle! Now all you need is a good book and to turn off the phone for a well deserved break from those January blues!

Happy Hyggeing,

The M&B Team 

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