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Curl up or kick back – it’s all up to you. Featuring high-quality, unique pieces for every room in your house, our contemporary designs will beckon you home, and even better, they’re now on sale! Like the majority of trend-driven industries, popularity in interior design tends to go in cycles. Over the past few years, modern interiors favoured sleek silhouettes with solid materials, simple monochromatic shades, and clean sharp lines while our beloved prints and patterns took a step back.


Clean , sleek, contemporary living space.
Clean , sleek, contemporary living space.


However, pattern is starting to make a comeback and, take our word for it, it’s about to take over the interior design scene, and when it does you’re going to want to be prepared! We don’t blame you if you’re a little weary from all those years spent de-cluttering and choosing the perfect solid palette. If you need a little refresher course, we have all the answers right here. We want to help you work toward adding patterns and prints to your interiors. The minute you see the pop of visual interest that a print can bring into your space, you’ll be ready to take the plunge and give your rooms a much needed dose of pattern.

Take a second to picture a room decorated entirely in solids (see the image we’ve attached above!). While it should certainly seem sleek and serene, there is a possibility that the look conveyed can be too plain and appear boring. You need to add a splash of pattern to bring activity into the space.


Adding pattern and prints to your interior increases visual interest.


The key to determining activity level is the size of the pattern or print. Larger patterns, though they may seem a bit overwhelming at first, tend to be associated with a calm, relaxed visual interest. While in contrast, smaller patterns can be seen as too busy  for some people.

Let the pattern’s size determine how it’s used within the room. Bigger patterns are best suited for things like sprawling wallpaper, the decorative element or a statement piece of furniture. While smaller ones are best reserved for use in small doses such as  cushions or throw and decor items. Our Moss Stitch Cushions are a favourite, accented with bold stripes that allow you to achieve the perfect look in your living room space.

With regard to visual weight (we’re talking about which areas of a room instantly draw our eyes when we look at them), it’s easy to test it as soon as you walk into a room. Take a step back and look at the design as a whole, you should be able to instinctively sense if the room feels visually balanced or if it is too cluttered in one corner or the other. In interior design, we’re always striving for a visual weight that is balanced. If you want proof, take a second to think about how one of the rooms in your home would feel if you took all the furniture and pushed it all into the same corner. Odds are you would feel as though you were standing on the deck of a sinking ship.

Since prints and patterns are naturally eye-catching, they are a great go-to item when you feel as though one corner of your space needs a little extra weight behind it. Consider a large patterned wall-hanging or even a printed sofa if you really need to pack a big punch. We are loving our Antonio Winged Chair which will instantly add contemporary style to a timeless living room space.


The Antonia Wing Chair (Corn Yellow) Promo: €398.00, Moss Striped Cushions Now: €29.95 each.


Conventional wisdom states that you should never, ever mix patterns. Doing so was thought to make the space too cluttered in a way that would overwhelm the eye and confuse the overall look of the space. So, it was recommended that you pick one particular pattern and intersperse it strategically throughout the space. Now, however, times have definitely changed. Rather than being seen as “too busy”, the ability to successfully mix up patterns within a space signifies a clever eye and adds a level of complexity to the space that is often only found in professionally designed homes.

And what’s the trick that makes all these patterns work harmoniously rather than clash? It’s all about colour. Choosing distinct patterns that all fall within the one color palette will allow them to come together cohesively while still giving your space the delicate intricacy you desire. Okay, so maybe we just told you to use similar colors in your patterns to help them all work together. That’s true, for the most part. But, as any interior design lover knows, the best looks are often achieved when you bend the rules and trust your eye. We recommend that you make a splash in your space by adding one contrasting patterned element. While the colour may not be the exact same as the main shade in your palette, it should be one that coordinates well. Take a cue from basic color theory and make sure that the distinct colour your using fits within one of the main colour schemes. Remember, the biggest impact is achieved when two shades sit directly opposite each other on the colour.

Also, keep in mind that this should only account for one of your design elements. Make it count. Choose a piece that you love and focus on making it the focal point of your room. It could be something like the couch in your living room or the duvet cover for the bed in your master suite.


Assorted Aztec Poufs available in-store and online today with inspiration on how to incorporate similar styles in your living space.


With modern design advocating for sleek lines and monochromatic colors, it can sometimes feel like using pattern is an outdated choice. Add to that the fact that mixing prints takes a bit of a creative eye and it’s really no surprise that some people are content to decorate with solely solids. But, we’re here to tell you that if you’re not using patterns, you’re missing out on a extra level of visual interest that really makes a space pop! Start integrating prints into your interiors and we’re sure you’ll be hooked in no time flat.


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