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Invest in the essentials – cooking is so much easier with the right tools. But that doesn’t mean you need to pack your kitchen with every kitchen utensil there is out there. With some basic items, you can cook almost anything!We’ve rounded up our top ten kitchen utensils to get you started:1. Knives

Sharpen your knife skills. Be confident using various knives in the kitchen.  A sharp knife is an absolute necessity. A blade that has significant length and width will be the best for chopping, dicing, cubing, mincing, shredding, slicing, and scooping. Chopping is accomplished by leaving the tip of the blade on the cutting board and rocking the base (near the handle) down onto the food. Leaving the tip on the cutting board provides stability while the heavy base of the knife does the chopping. We’ve picked our two favourite knife blocks, the cutting edge, high quality 6 piece knife block by Raymond Blanc and the innovative carousel set by Joseph Joseph. Both being very different, the hand crafted Raymond Blanc set is perfectly balanced and holds its sharp edge, along with the stylish, ergonomically designed structure and the fully forged tang handles providing a durable, safe, comfortable grip. Counter Balance End Cap provides perfect weight balance, precision and control while at use. The unique soft grip handle is very durable and is very comfortable to hold and ergonomic design is created for sure and confident grip. The product also has got lifetime guarantee, what more can we wish for? The Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel Set is extremely sturdy with non-slip base and universal, magnetic knife slots that hold the knives securely in place when stored. This innovative design means that any elevate knife can be stored in any slot, regardless of blade length.


Raymond Blanc Soft Grip Knife Block WAS €150 NOW €120 and the Joseph Joseph Knives Carousel Set WAS €99.99 NOW €87.99.
Raymond Blanc Soft Grip Knife Block Was €150 Now €120 and the Joseph Joseph Knives Carousel Set Was €99.99 Now  €87.99.


2. SeasoningThe difference between a good cook and a great cook is seasoning! We’re all about freshly ground seasoning which has so much more flavour! Our granite mortar and pestle sets are perfect for this. Whether it’s a quick meal after a long day at work or a special dinner for family and friends, every dish tastes better with fresh, homegrown herbs. The Kitchen Herb Garden stands on your work surface. Grown in your garden or bought in the supermarket, the herbs can all be organized together in one spot. Scissors are always at hand in the integrated pocket. Most herbs flourish with consistent harvesting, so clip and enjoy them often and dry any extra growth for later use. A few additional tips on how to spice things up:
Acids, lemon juice, lime juice and vinegar brighten cooked meats, vegetables and grains, great used as a finishing touch!Herbsadd complexity. Keep long-lasting ones, like fresh thyme, on hand to toss into roasts and sautés. Sprinkle chopped fresh flat leaved parsley when finishing dishes.

Olive Oil enhances the flavour of vegetables and pastas. Drizzle it on before serving.
Granite Mortar and Pestle Set Was €29.95 Now €39.96, Kitchen Herb Garden Was €49.95 Now €39.96.


3. Cutting Board

When it comes to kitchen accessories every serious home chef needs a cutting board with ample work space. More room for prep means less maneuvering and more safe space for chopping without feeling cramped. No one likes to feel crowded when they’re cooking. This large cutting board is durable, easy to clean, and great value. Don’t mess around with a small cutting board. Get a large work area for a more enjoyable cooking experience. The Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Chopping Board is an enhanced version of our popular double-sided, multi-function chopping board, which now boasts non-slip feet and soft-grip sides. Its angled cutting surface is designed to assist in the collection and drainage of liquids or food and it has a new improved integral meat grip on one side of the board to assist when carving. The opposite side of the board provides a smooth cutting surface, for general food preparation. Available in two sizes and a range of colours, and its dishwasher safe!


Cut and Carve Chopping Board Small WAS €19.99 NOW €15.99, Large WAS €24.99 NOW €19.99.
Cut and Carve Chopping Board Small Was €19.99 Now €15.99, Large Was €24.99 Now €19.99.


4.   Grater

Everyone needs one of these. This OXO box grater is the best grater hands down. OXO’s slim Box Grater features four functional grating surfaces without taking up a lot of space in your drawer. The large, stainless steel coarse and fine grating surfaces are great for cheese, vegetables, chocolate and more. A slimmer, super-fine grating surface is just right for nutmeg and ginger, and the slicing surface yields perfect slices of cucumber, courgette, cheese and more. The soft handle assures a comfortable grip, and a non-slip ring keeps the Box Grater steady on a plate or chopping board. Also included is a storage container with non-slip ring, measurement markings and a lid for catching and storing your freshly grated ingredients.

I heard raving reviews about these over and over and over, and I put off buying one because I thought it would be expensive. Why didn’t I buy it before?! Get it now, this slim box grater is so handy!


Oxo Box Grater WAS €21.95 NOW €17.56.
Oxo Box Grater Was €21.95 Now €17.56.


5. Skillet

Every kitchen needs a large  skillet (or two!). You can use it for sautéing, roasting, baking, frying—nearly anything! We love our heavy gauge coated hard anodized French skillet aluminium combined with a superior non – stick coating for superb heat distribution and outstanding performance. Riveted silicone and cast stainless steel handles ensure maximum durability.


Raymond Blanc Hard Anodised French Skillet WAS €42.95 NOW €34.36
Raymond Blanc Hard Anodised French Skillet Was €42.95 Now €34.36.


6. Wooden Spoon

You just can’t beat the classic wooden spoon. Every kitchen needs one, and it’s perfect for all your stirring and scraping and tasting needs. But, because wooden can absorb bacteria and degrade over time, you should replace your wooden spoon every 1-2 years. I highly recommend our essential set of three beechwood utensils: 30 cm spoon, 30 cm scraper spoon, 23 cm solid spatula. They are inexpensive, durable, quality spoons. My personal favorite? The wooden corner spoon. It’s a spoon that also can scrape the bottom of a pot. Boom. Two for one. Perfect.


Wooden Spoons
Wooden Spoon essentials. Check out our three piece beechwood set Was €3.50 Now €2.80.



7. Mixing Bowls
Mixing bowls are irreplaceable in the kitchen. How can you prepare food without them?  Next to my knife block, I probably use these bowls more than any other single thing in my kitchen. The Joseph Joseph Nest Plus Set is the ultimate collection of practical, space-saving kitchenware. The innovative design allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked neatly together, thereby occupying the absolute minimum amount of space. The mixing bowls have large non-slip bases and wide carry handles. The small mixing bowl includes measurements inside for added convenience (ml/fl.oz), and a spout for accurate pouring. The measuring cups ‘snap’ together securely and features a spoon in the centre, allowing measurements from 1 teaspoon (5 ml) up to 1 cup (250 ml) to be made. A stainless-steel mesh sieve and a large colander complete the collection of food preparation items. The set comes in a stylish, boxed package and features bright, vibrant colours.
Joseph Joseph Nest Plus Compact Food Preparation Set.
Joseph Joseph Nest Plus Compact Food Preparation Set Was €59.99  Now €47.99.


8. Spatula

All hail the mighty spatula! So many varieties, all of them brilliant at their particular forté. How did we get cake batter out of a mixing bowl before the silicone spatula came along? I don’t know, but I suspect a lot of cake batter got left behind. Our favourite little vibrant spatulas works so well, This set of three allows you to have one clean, one dirty, and one as a back up when the other two wear out.


Joseph Joseph Elevate Spatula Set WAS €31.99 NOW €25.59.
Joseph Joseph Elevate Spatula Set Was €31.99 Now €25.59.


9. Casserole Dish

Since it’s not always salad weather, now seems a good time to invest in a sturdy, stylish oven pot for stews and more. Continuing his partnership with Royal Doulton, Gordon Ramsay has once again teamed up with the classic  designers to create the Bread Street Range.  Inspired by the warehouse chic style of his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant, this new line of tableware reflects the contemporary yet simple style food Ramsay is known for. The neutral white and slate palette of this collection is modern and fresh providing restaurant style serving options for the home.

Impress guests with restaurant style sophistication. With a neutral palette of slate exterior with a crisp white interior, lid and trim, this individual casserole dish is a modern and multi-functional addition home serve ware.


Gordon Ramsay Casserole Dish WAS €36.99 NOW €25.20.
Gordon Ramsay Casserole Dish Was €36.99 Now €25.20.


10. Roasting Tray

Perfect for the Christmas Turkey! Premium Roasting Set with DuPont Teflon Select non-stick interior and exterior, thick aluminum body, heavy duty riveted raised side handles and non-stick roasting rack. The roasting set comes in a display box. Ideal for roasting meat, poultry and vegetables. Suitable for all cooker types including induction.


Premium Roasting Set WAS €65.00 NOW €52.00.
Premium Roasting Set Was €65.00 Now €52.00.


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