Camo Chic

Everybody loves a bit of camouflage and no wardrobe is complete without some in there! Camo made a strong comeback in the winter, but that look is only going to get stronger over the spring/summer 2015 season appearing on sweaters, jackets and accessories. Military inspired clothing such as camouflage and its related colours, for example, olive, khaki green and browns started finding their way into everyday acceptable casual fashion when adopted by anti-war protesters in the Vietnam era within the United States.

Cressida Bonas
Fashion bloggers and celebrities such as Cressida Bonas rocking the camouflage trend recently.

From then on fashion designers took note and hints of camo prints started appearing in high end collections and fashion houses through the 60s, 70s and 80s.  It wasn’t till the 90s that ‘faux-camouflage’ became a real must-have fashion piece with celebrities, fashion bloggers and streetwear enthusiasts all buying into the trend.  Since then, camouflage has been a regular and staple trend on the high street and from the top fashion labels.  It’s been coloured, washed out, redesigned and brought back to life so many times, weaving its way in and out of popularity.  If you don’t own a piece of this fashion history, now is the time to get involved!

Pair your camouflage sweater with a statement necklace, or rock it with a casual pair of jeans like Heidi Klum,
Pair your camouflage sweater with a statement necklace, or rock it with a casual pair of jeans like Heidi Klum.

The military pattern invades closets this spring through camouflage-print clothing, accessories and footwear. The clash of styles is what keeps the element of novelty in play and the levels of excitement constantly growing.

Be brave and learn how to wear the casual look. Camouflage can be worn as outerwear, practical for cosy layering or cool when creating a bold contrast against fabrics and silhouettes carrying opposite characteristics. While you delve far into camouflage this season, you will want do it in a manner that still portrays stylish. Nothing over the top, nothing screaming that you’re trying too hard, and nothing that makes you look like you’re ready to go out hunting. Here’s how to work the camouflage look. Try:

  • wearing solid, sleek, neutral pieces to balance the bold camo statements.
  • pairing the camouflage with matte black for a safe way of sporting the trend.
  • layering the camouflage with equally basic pieces in solid hues.
  • mixing the camo print with denim or black leather for a youthful approach.
  • avoiding the head-to-toe camo outfits as moderation is fundamental, and opt for bold separates instead.
  • Search for timeless camouflage items that will blend in with the rest of your wardrobe.


Invest in some camouflage staples this season.

If you’re looking to invest in some camouflage staples this season, opt for subtle camo prints in cosy sweaters and jackets, as these will prove to be both practical and wise investments in the long run. We have the perfect subtle grey camouflage sweater in stores soon which is sure to be a hit. Among the styles that managed to successfully energize the fashionable womenswear department, camo stands tall and still confident. The timeless print, often perceived as unconventional and bold is being re-envisioned for spring 2015 appearing more polished, more daring yet effortlessly cool, having power houses like Marc Jacobs and Valentino advocating for its militaristic appeal.


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